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Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation (UAE) inaugurates Hawlaf Port on Socotra (Yemen)

The Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation (UAE) has inaugurated the Hawlaf Port in Socotra Governorate, Yemen. An official source from the Foundation stressed that, as per the directives of the wise leadership, it has launched many important development projects in Socotra, most notably Hawlaf Airport and Hawlaf Port, while adding that the enlargement of the port was completed in just over one year, which is a significant achievement. The port project included the enlargement of its berth by 110 metres, as well as the installing perimeter fences, lighting, pavements, and a mobile crane with a 100-tonne capacity.

General Director of Hadibu District:

"Today, we need to benefit from the experiences and experiences of our Emirati brothers who are distinguished in the governing of the country and the activation of laws. And here they are reaching out to help us in all fields, including the improvement of administrative performance, qualification of cadres,..."

Emirates Red Crescent commences first phase of developmental projects in Yemen's Socotra Archipelago

Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) delegation, currently visiting Yemen's Archipelago of Socotra, has launched the first phase of its development projects there. These include the first phase of Sheikh Zayed City with 161 houses, clinic, school, public council for residents and a mosque with a capacity of 600 worshippers.

Sailing on Socotra

Socotra started to receive cruisers. Our agency "Socotra Tamam" started working as an agent for sailors coming to Socotra island. We help sailors with all documents, buy food, water and fuel. And of course we showed our guests the island of Socotra.

Sailing cruisers on Socotra

During February-March 2015 several sailing boats made a stop on Socotra.

Yemenia Airlines begin flights between Dubai and Socotra

Yemenia Airlines has announced that they will begin direct flights by the mid of Feb, between Dubai and Socotra. Flight to Socotra on Sundays. Return flight - on Wednesdays.

New System of Writing for Socotra Language Created by Russian Linguists

A group of Russian linguists under the direction of a correspondent of RAS, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies Vitaly Naumkin developed a writing system for the archaic language of the Yemeni island of Socotra. The indigenous population of Socotra speaks a dialect of the local Socotra unwritten language, related to the modern Semitic Modern South Arabian languages, as well as in Arabic.

Report of sailing yacht Delta

Sailing boat "Delta" which is traveling around the world was the first boat coming to Socotra in recent years.

Socotra governorate

The Law No. 31 for 2013 was issued on Wednesday establishing the governorate No. 22 of the Socotra archipelago with Hadibo as its capital city.

Dangerous Mechanics

Number of cars on the island is constantly increasing every year. But there is no one to repair them - on Socotra is almost no good mechanics. Sometimes it seems that those who are trying to work with tools, do not use their brain at all.


Internet Cafe on Socotra

Salem Ghanem Ahmed   [ 19.12.2010 ]
Internet Cafe on Socotra

I`m Salem Ghnem, owner of the Internet Cafe on the Island of Socotra. I`m originaly from Socotra and happy to join this website.

Kuwait Fund will finance construction of Socotra’s new port

The government of the Republic of Yemen and the Kuwait Fund of Arabic economic development have signed an agreement on provision of Yemen with a loan in support of the Socotra’s new port construction project for value of 11,8 million Kuwaiti dinar (about 41 million USA dollars).


Socotra's Honey

Vladimir Agafonov   [ 13.08.2009 ]
Socotra's Honey

The Socotrans have been harvesting honey since the old days. But it was only 2007 that became a starting point in the history of the modern beekeeping and manufacture of the unique Socotran honey.

Socotra’s roads

A network of Socotra’s asphaltic roads continues expanding.

Socotra’s Seaport

The desolated pier located in a small bay on the northern coast of Socotra, which is constantly disrupted by storms, can hardly be regarded as the seaport. However, it serves as a berth for the ships supplying all the things needed for life to Socotra.

UNCF finances modernization of 68 schools on the Socotra Archipelago.

The United Nations Children's Fund continued financing development of formal education on the Yemeni Socotra Archipelago, which was initiated in 2007. At the end of 2008 68 Socotra’s schools were equipped with school and office furniture and schoolchildren were given schoolbags with a full set of writing implements.

Darsa Settlement Plan

The Socotra Archipelago, a part of the Republic of Yemen, consists of the biggest Socotra Island and a few small ones, of which Abd-el-Kuri, the closest island to the Horn of Africa, and Samha Island, one of Al-Ikhvan islands (Samha and Darsa), are settled by people. Darsa Island is peopleless. The smaller islands and rocks are uninhabitable.


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