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Group tours to Socotra in 2020

The next group tours to Socotra in 2020: a camping tour from March 18 to March 25 and from March 25 to April 1 (guide Nadya Novikova). From April 1 to April 8, Nadya Novikova will conduct a trekking tour under our new program.

Vladimir Melnik. Trekking in Socotra. Skant area.

A real trekking tour is the best way to see and get to know Socotra island. Vladimir Melnik was on Socotra 12 time!

Exclusive Socotra Trekking Tour

Together with Salem Al-Keabany, who will be your guide, we offer a new weekly trekking program. Camels and porters will carry things and equipment. You will spend 2 days on the coast, including the most beautiful beach in Shuab Bay. This season we will do 4 group tours - March 4-11, 18-25, April 1-8 and 15-22. The minimum group size is 4 people. Maximum - 8 people. We invite agents to cooperation.

Must read - very interesting book about Socotra island

An extremely interesting book "Island of dragon`s blood" by a British researcher Douglas Botting. The book was published in 1958. Find out what was on Socotra during the time of Sultan.

Fake dragon blood on the market

Caution! Fake dragon blood resin found in the market. We found that some companies sell fake "dragon blood resin from Socotra". Instead of resin of Dracaena Cinnabiri that is produced only on Socotra, resin from Sumatra is most likely offered.

One week camping tour around Socotra 2020

A dense program with overnight stays in nature includes the most interesting and beautiful places of the island of Socotra.


Our specially-developed program includes the most interesting and beautiful places of the island of Socotra. The main idea of our program is to avoid staying with other tour groups in camping sites. Instead, we plan to camp out in the most beautiful places of Socotra.

Strong rains on Socotra

It rained heavily on Socotra. Many roads are blurred. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Sabur - dried aloe juice from Socotra

In addition to the unique resins, Socotra produces Sabur - dried aloe juice. Aloe from Socotra is a very powerful remedy and should be taken with caution as a medicine.

Socotra in November

In November, a northeastern monsoon is installed on Socotra, which brings clouds and sometimes rains to the island. The winter season in Socotra is the best time for trekking and landscape photography.

Socotra in October

October in Socotra is an ideal time for trekking, boat trips, fishing and diving. The summer monsoon is over, the sea is calm and in the mountainous part of Socotra is warm and sunny.

Socotra from above, lagoon Detwah

Photo by Dmitry Pievtsov, a Ukrainian pilot who regularly works at Socotra

 John LaDoga 2019

Photos of Socotra island with quadrocopter. February 2019, visiting the island as part of the round-the-world cruise on the yacht Ladoga.

Socotra news for cruisers

There are two news. One is good, the second is not very. This year, with the advent of the new governor and the withdrawal of the military from the Emirates from the island, the situation has changed for the better. All papers are issued to yachtsmen and tourist visas are issued for those who want to see the island. The bad news is that clearance in Socotra has become more expensive.

Cyclone Mekunu passed next to Socotra - consequences

On May 24-25, another powerful tropical cyclone passed through Socotra. About 19 people died, many houses and roads were destroyed. The Emirates began a company to help the island of Socotra.

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation (UAE) inaugurates Hawlaf Port on Socotra (Yemen)

The Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation (UAE) has inaugurated the Hawlaf Port in Socotra Governorate, Yemen. An official source from the Foundation stressed that, as per the directives of the wise leadership, it has launched many important development projects in Socotra, most notably Hawlaf Airport and Hawlaf Port, while adding that the enlargement of the port was completed in just over one year, which is a significant achievement. The port project included the enlargement of its berth by 110 metres, as well as the installing perimeter fences, lighting, pavements, and a mobile crane with a 100-tonne capacity.

Development of tourism on Socotra

Yemen’s Minister of Tourism Dr. Mohammed Qubaty said that his country has received promises from international parties to facilitate the financing of tourism projects by the private sector in safe areas that fall under the control of the legitimate government.

Sailors on Socotra 2018

Very soon we expect more than 10 sailing boat that will come to Socotra to refuel diesel fuel, water, purchase food and look at this wonderful and peace-loving island. We hope that the new leaders of Socotra will help the yachtsmen on their difficult and dangerous way crossing HRA (High Risk Area).

Myrrh resin (Commiphora Kua)

Myrrh (Commiphora Kua) from the island of Socotra has a persistent pleasant aroma and unique healing properties.

The wind of change on Socotra

Summer south-west monsoon begins on Socotra. We hope that the summer wind will scatter away all those oddities, lies and misunderstandings that are now happening around tourism on Socotra. We hope that in September there will be a regular flight from the Emirates that will be available to ordinary tourists without fear that the flight will be canceled or postponed.


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