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Dunes and sand of Socotra island

Such high and beautiful dunes near the ocean you will not find nowhere else in the world. Our new photo film - just sand and dunes.

Sea, dunes and mountains

Photo Tour across Socotra with Anna Pchelintseva. 2010-2013

Socotra on TODAY, NBC NEWS

NBC’s Richard Engel takes viewers to a tiny, remote island off the coast of Yemen, inhabited by nearly 800 fascinating species of plants and animals.

Our photo film about Socotra

Photo film made ​​by our photos taken during trips on Socotra from 2008 to 2010

Socotra is a bird's-eye

The video of Socotra island, shot from a balloon

Socotra Media Library

Home movies about Socotra. Photo films over the years.


Socotra video

Anna Pchelintseva   [ 12.10.2010 ]
Socotra video

Socotra video

On the further side of Dixam Plato

Our next company was Sheikh Noah Abu Amer who lives near the forest of Dragon’s Blood Trees.


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