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The final part of the trekking

The last part of trekking trip to Socotra was the heaviest. The guys walked the bottom of the canyon Wadi Dirhur to the mountain of Skant, then descended into the gorge Ayaft.

The second part of the trek - through the plateau Mumi to the shores of Indian Ocean

Through wadi Kalesan our friends went to the south coast of Socotra. Here they spent several days photographing the coastal sand dunes.

Heavy trekking - excellent pictures!

Our friends, travelers with the experience, made ​​a difficult trekking trip around the island. The result was the remarkable photos taken in unusual places Socotra. The first part of the trip - coastline from Hadibo to the east of Socotra.

Socotra in summer time – new 10-days trekking program

Socotra is a very peaceful place. There are no armed riots. We offer you to see Socotra in the season of summer monsoon winds when the island gets a completely new face. The summer season is unreasonably considered to be a non-touristic one. But it is this time of the year when one can see many interesting and unique things on the island. Our new trekking program developed for a summer season is for those who love hiking and photographing. For your safety we offer to overfly Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, and to come to Socotra from Shardja.

New trekking routes - the descent into the canyon Dixam

This season we have worked for some new hiking trails. One of them - on foot descent into the canyon Dixam.

Socotra in November

Pics from Socotra made in November during trekking tour around Socotra island.

Socotra at NBC News

Located 250 miles off the coast of Yemen, the tiny island of Socotra is usually overlooked by even the most adventurous of tourist hordes. But as NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Richard Engel discovers, the Arabian island's remote location has made it a capsule of antiquity with time-honored traditions not found elsewhere on the planet.

New trekking route in Socotra - On the edge of the lost world

Wonderful views you can see from the edge of the plateau to the west of Socotra.

Over the mountain peaks to the south of Hadibo, the capital of Socotra

Probably everyone who looked at the mountains from Hadibo wanted to see what's out there, far away ...

Socotra opens a new tourist season

Overcoming strong summer winds Socotra starts the next tourist season.

Trekking on Socotra

Socotra is a perfect place for those who like trekking. Trekking activities will allow you to watch the island’s nature more closely and to make great photos. You will be able to see the places not accessible by cars.

Lost world

On Socotra you can find a real lost world! There are the biggest bottle trees of the island.

Fairy-tale forest

After overnight stop in the canyon of Wadi Dirhur you can go for a walk through the primeval forest of Dragon Trees in the morning.

Lower part of Wadi Dirhur canyon

This season we have explored the lower part of Wadi Dirhur canyon – from Dixam camping site to the south coast of the island.

Camp sites on Socotra

Eco-tourism means overnight stops at camping sites. It is much more interesting than staying at hotels in Hadiboh.

Fairytale country

Socotra’s foothill gorges harbor dozens of grottos and caves. One feels here like being in a fairytale country!

Hoq Cave

Hoq cave is relative easily accessible. It takes one hour and a half to climb to its entrance from the village. You will need to take a local guide. The route is not difficult, but tiresome.

Cascade waterfalls on Socotra

In the eastern part of the island, far from the paths beaten by tourists, you can find cascade waterfalls in small gorges.

Socotra’s Wild Beaches

Besides mountain areas Socotra has very beautiful desolate beaches.

Socotra’s secluded nooks

Besides usual touristic places Socotra has a great many secluded nooks that are also worth visiting.


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