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Shuab bay in summer time

Shuab Bay - very windy place in the summer. We came here by car to enjoy the extraordinary view.

Weekend in Socotra

On weekends we usually go with an overnight stay in the bay Shuab where you can catch fish and cook an excellent fish dinner.

Panoramas of Socotra - Shuab bay

Shuab Bay to the west of Socotra - one of the cleanest and most beautiful places on the island. It is best to come here with an overnight stop to admire the sunset and sunrise.

New trekking route in Socotra - On the edge of the lost world

Wonderful views you can see from the edge of the plateau to the west of Socotra.

Old buildings in Shaub

If you walk from the beach inland, you can easily find the ruins of ancient buildings and an old cemetery.

Old men in Shuab

In Shuab you will meet very friendly and nice people living in in the beginning territories of the beach area.

Beach in Shuab Bay

You can get to Shuab Bay by boat from Qalansiyah village. In an hour and a half you will appear in a marvelous place of Socotra far from civilization.

Diving on Socotra

The best time for diving on Socotra is the period from October to November and from March to May, when wind falls and the sea calms down.

To Shuab Bay by jeep

Today Shuab Bay is one of the cleanest places on Socotra. It is only inhabited by a small fishing village. Here people lead rather isolated patriarchal life coming to Hadiboh only in case of urgent need.


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