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New Sea Port

Vladimir Agafonov   [ 10.08.2009 ]
New Sea Port

The north-western part of Socotra is planned for construction of a new sea port. The field research works are about to be completed.

Socotra as a refuge for pirates

Socotra was a refuge for pirates for centuries.

Weather & Seasonality of Socotra

Though Socotra’s climate is rather equable, it is also characterized by seasonal variability, which is recommended to be taken into account when planning a trip to the island.

Di Hamri Marine Conservation Area

The desert Cape Di Hamri was one of the first Socotra’s places used for encamping.

Indian Ocean in Aomak

The south coast of the Indian Ocean is one of the places worth staying for overnight. You can do that in the Aomak camping.

Delisha Beach

It takes only half an hour to get to Delisha beach from Hadiboh. Tourists usually come here directly from the airport to have a swim and to walk along a big sand-dune.

Detwah Lagoon -  the main beach of Socotra

Detwah Lagoon is definitely one of the most impressive places on the island coast. There is a camping site where you can stay for the night.

Old log canoes

Many Socotra’s old canoes made of African species of wood are in a quite a good state.

Delisha Beach is just for relaxing

Delisha Beach fully justifies its name. It is good to come here in the evening for one-two hours just for walking along the beach.

Socotra’s Seaport

The desolated pier located in a small bay on the northern coast of Socotra, which is constantly disrupted by storms, can hardly be regarded as the seaport. However, it serves as a berth for the ships supplying all the things needed for life to Socotra.

Socotra of the East China Sea

In the central part of the East China Sea there is also Socotra Island. It is interesting to note that both Socotra islands are indirectly related to each other.

Darsa Settlement Plan

The Socotra Archipelago, a part of the Republic of Yemen, consists of the biggest Socotra Island and a few small ones, of which Abd-el-Kuri, the closest island to the Horn of Africa, and Samha Island, one of Al-Ikhvan islands (Samha and Darsa), are settled by people. Darsa Island is peopleless. The smaller islands and rocks are uninhabitable.

Sand Dunes in Archer

This place is a popular camping site between two big dunes. It is the sand coast of a fresh-water stream flowing out of a cave.

Freediving on Socotra

Underwater hunting on Socotra is strictly prohibited by law. But nobody has anything against free diving and spinning.

Kitesurfing on Socotra

Socotra was tried only by a few kite surfers.

Diving on Socotra

The best time for diving on Socotra is the period from October to November and from March to May, when wind falls and the sea calms down.

Socotrans are excellent free divers

Socotra has been famous for pearl fishery since the earliest times. The Socotrans are excellent free divers.

Windsurfing on Socotra

Socotra can be too dangerous for wave-riding, but it is an excellent place for measuring speed during a monsoon season...


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