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In the middle of Socotra island

Just branch off the main road and you'll see quite a nice place of Socotra.

Socotra in October, 2009

Same photos of Socotra made in October, 2009.

Alexander Korzhin

Lost world

On Socotra you can find a real lost world! There are the biggest bottle trees of the island.

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Sunsets on Socotra Island

On Socotra you can enjoy magnificent sunsets every day, especially in winter time.

Anna Pchelintseva



Владимир МельникVladimir Melnik

Socotra’s sand

Socotra has plenty of sand. Besides big dunes and endless multikilometer beaches you can also admire fancy sand patterns here.

Socotra’s Wild Beaches

Besides mountain areas Socotra has very beautiful desolate beaches.

NET wild beaches

NET wild beaches are the best place for romantic overnight stops. You can get here by boat of by foot through the mountain ridge from Shuab Bay (it will take you 3 hours).

Noget sand land

On Socotra’ south coast, its central part called as Noget, there are places worth visiting.

Skant - high-mountain ascetics

Skant is one of the highest places of the island. From here there is a wonderful view of the northern coast of Socotra.

Homhil Plateau

The place is heavily accessible by road that may be even dangerous in a rainy season. It is good to come here in a day of clear sky.




Socotra visitor's pictures

Our guests shared their photos of Socotra.

Sanaa & Surroundings Highlights

Photos by Denis Romanov


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