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Panoramas of Socotra - Lagoon Detwah

There are several points where you can enjoy beautiful views of the lagoon Detwah.

Weekend in Socotra

On weekends we usually go with an overnight stay in the bay Shuab where you can catch fish and cook an excellent fish dinner.

Panoramas of Socotra - sand dunes in Stero

Stero sand dunes are never the same. The last group spent a night between the dunes and managed to make nice pictures at sunset and dawn.

Panoramas of Socotra - Shuab bay

Shuab Bay to the west of Socotra - one of the cleanest and most beautiful places on the island. It is best to come here with an overnight stop to admire the sunset and sunrise.

 Panoramas of Socotra - Ras Erissel

Cape Erissel famous for its magnificent beach. Great photos can be done in the early morning.


Results November 2010

Anna Pchelintseva   [ 27.03.2011 ]
Results November 2010

Photos of the first group of November.

Our Christmas program in Socotra

Our New Year Program in Socotra was developed to minimize possible intersection with other tourist groups.

Socotra in November

Pics from Socotra made in November during trekking tour around Socotra island.

Training Photo-Tour to Socotra. 17-27 February, 2011

Travel to Socotra with Yuri Afanasyev, a professional russian photographer, and get to know an exotic country and how to make great photos.

From Qadama to Qalansiya

From Qadama to Qalansiya by car.

Darsa island

Darsa is an uninhabited island located to the south-west of Socotra.

New trekking route in Socotra - On the edge of the lost world

Wonderful views you can see from the edge of the plateau to the west of Socotra.

Wild beaches in Socotra

On the island of Socotra beautiful wild beaches, ocean waves and no one around. At dawn and at sunset is a good time for photos, but during the day have something to do on the coast:)


Series - First Impressions

Anna Pchelintseva   [ 22.07.2010 ]
Series - First Impressions

The first trip in December 2008

First breakfast in Socotra

Photos from photo tour in March 2010

Socotra at "PhotoForum 2010"

At "PhotoForum 2010", the international photo-exhibition held in Moscow, SONY Company exhibited more than 20 posters of Socotra by Yuri Afanasiev, a professional photographer. More photos from exhibition...

Our best photos

Photos of our trip to Socotra in February 2010


Photoblog Socotra Island

Anna Pchelintseva   [ 01.03.2010 ]
Photoblog Socotra Island

Socotra - a great place for taking pictures! Especially if you have an opportunity to live on the island ... Anna Pchelintseva's Vision of Socotra

Socotra from the air

Last time we made an air-trip around Socotra. Just to get some photos for us!

Dawn in Stero

Stero dunes are especially beautiful at down. To take their glorious views we left Aoumak camping long before the rising of the sun.


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