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Panoramas of Socotra - Hadiboh, capital of the island

Hadibo city is actively growing and is beginning to resemble a real city. There is an ATM and internet cafe. Sometimes you can even observe small traffic jams in the capital of the island of Socotra.

Panoramas of Socotra - Lagoon Detwah

There are several points where you can enjoy beautiful views of the lagoon Detwah.

Panoramas of Socotra - sand dunes in Stero

Stero sand dunes are never the same. The last group spent a night between the dunes and managed to make nice pictures at sunset and dawn.

Panoramas of Socotra - Shuab bay

Shuab Bay to the west of Socotra - one of the cleanest and most beautiful places on the island. It is best to come here with an overnight stop to admire the sunset and sunrise.

Panoramas of Socotra - sea port Haulaf

Sea port on Socotra is a small pier, near which is located storage of petroleum products. Here you can catch the beautiful views at sunset.

 Panoramas of Socotra - Ras Erissel

Cape Erissel famous for its magnificent beach. Great photos can be done in the early morning.

Panoramas of Socotra - Di Sebro

Di Sebro - the most distant place on the south coast of Socotra.

Panoramas of Socotra - around Hadiboh

Around the capital of Socotra - Hadiboh you can find many interesting landscapes.

Panoramas of Socotra - Muri

Muri valley on the northern coast of Socotra island is very interesting for its landscape at sunset.

Panoramas of Socotra - Dixam plateau

Panoramic photos of Socotra from camera SONY NEX-3


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