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Premiere of a documentary film by Vladimir Melnik "Socotra: UNKNOWN TALE" scheduled from 20th to 22th December in "Unknown Planet" Program on the REN-TV Russian channel (Moscow). The film sarts from this Monday, 06:00 AM MSK (MSK = UTC/GMT+3).

Important discoveries of Russian archaeological expedition on Socotra

Preliminary Report of the Russian Interdisciplinary Mission to the Republic of Yemen submitted to the General Organisation of Antiquities and Museums (G.O.A.M.), Season 2009

Socotra: Archeologic Sensation

In November 2008 Russian archeologists discovered ancient stone tools on the Socotra Island. In view of the fact that scientists relate the things found to Oldowan (earlier spelled Olduwan or sometimes Oldawan), the first known tool complex in prehistory, this finding can be regarded as a worldwide archeologic sensation.


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