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Socotra in the summer: Fishing from shore near the Hadibo

With some practice you can successfully fishing right from shore near Hadibo.

Dawn in Stero

Stero dunes are especially beautiful at down. To take their glorious views we left Aoumak camping long before the rising of the sun.

In the middle of Socotra island

Just branch off the main road and you'll see quite a nice place of Socotra.

Socotra in October, 2009

Same photos of Socotra made in October, 2009.

Lost world

On Socotra you can find a real lost world! There are the biggest bottle trees of the island.

Sunsets on Socotra Island

On Socotra you can enjoy magnificent sunsets every day, especially in winter time.

Socotran eels

A small fresh water stream in Archer is a habitat of a big colony of eels.


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