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Mysterious Cave Art on Socotra

"Our mission is to document the presence of rock art located in the depths of Dahaisi cave using the latest photographic techniques. We are hoping they will help us uncover and study the animal and human figures, crosses, and strange array of geometric patterns that adorn the walls of the final chamber."

Leaves of bottle trees of Socotra

Now bottle trees on Socotra covered with leaves. Some photos of bottle trees made during the last trip to the plateau Mumi on the east of the island of Socotra.

Mumi Plateau

Mumi Plateau is far away from standard tourist routes, but you can find very beautiful and unusual places here.

Matiaf - a fishing village

It is a beautiful place where you can start a trekking route to explore Mumi Plateau .

Kalysan - the largest freshwater pool on the island

You can reach the largest freshwater pool of the island by walking for 2 hours from Matiaf village.

Socotra at NBC News

Located 250 miles off the coast of Yemen, the tiny island of Socotra is usually overlooked by even the most adventurous of tourist hordes. But as NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Richard Engel discovers, the Arabian island's remote location has made it a capsule of antiquity with time-honored traditions not found elsewhere on the planet.

Over the mountain peaks to the south of Hadibo, the capital of Socotra

Probably everyone who looked at the mountains from Hadibo wanted to see what's out there, far away ...

Socotra opens a new tourist season

Overcoming strong summer winds Socotra starts the next tourist season.

Socotra’s secluded nooks

Besides usual touristic places Socotra has a great many secluded nooks that are also worth visiting.

Trekking route from north to south

The trekking route from Rush camping to Matiaf village is worth taking.


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