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Must read - very interesting book about Socotra island

An extremely interesting book "Island of dragon`s blood" by a British researcher Douglas Botting. The book was published in 1958. Find out what was on Socotra during the time of Sultan.

Socotra in 1918 by The national geographic magazine

Old photos of Socotra in The national geographic magazine. 1918. "The isle of frankincense" by Charles K.Moses Formerly United States Consul-General to Aden, Arabia.

Russian archeologists on Socotra - new finds

A Yemeni-Russian team that has been working together for five years in Yemen discovered last week a building on Socotra Island that dates back the eighth century A.D.

Historical Background

A long time passed where Yemen was isolated and the Yemenite civilization sites were beyond the interest of archaeologists who studied the sites of oriental ancient civilization.

Petroglyphs in Eriosh

Not far from the turning to Dixam you can find old petroglyphs in the place called Eriosh

Name of Socotra

There are many spelling variants of the name of the Island.

Goats have eaten Socotra

Socotra suffers great losses from goats.

The first researcher of Socotran folk music

Guido Adler was the first one in studying Socotran folk music.

Old log canoes

Many Socotra’s old canoes made of African species of wood are in a quite a good state.


Dutch Squadron in Socotra

Vladimir Agafonov   [ 05.05.2009 ]
Dutch Squadron in Socotra

During World War II Socotra was used as a basis for the Dutch squadron.

Т-34 on Socotra

In the 1980s USSR was actively supporting South Yemen’s communism movement. As a heritage of that time one can see Soviet tanks T-34 embedded in various parts of the island.

Socotra of the East China Sea

In the central part of the East China Sea there is also Socotra Island. It is interesting to note that both Socotra islands are indirectly related to each other.

There were issued special postal stamps for an expedition to Socotra in 1960

For an Adenese-Socotran expedition, in 1960 there were issued special postage stamps.

Dioscorida – the Island of Harmony

The famous scientist and journalist Mukhammad Megalommatis published an article about Socotra of the “Periplus of the Erythraean Sea” (mid-1st century A.D.) epoch.

80 archeological evidences are about to unravel the secrets of Socotra history

At the present time archeologists have discovered 80 archeological evidences of various historical epochs of Socotra.


1604: Hamlet on Socotra

Vladimir Agafonov   [ 06.03.2008 ]
1604: Hamlet on Socotra

English scientist Brian Lougery states that it was Socotra where a Shakespeare’s play was put on for the first time in the Arab world!

Soviet military base has never been established in Socotra

Soviet military base has never been established in Socotra.

Socotra was the prototype of Prospero Island mentioned in Shakespeare's play «The Tempest»

Some theorists of literature consider Socotra to be the prototype of Prospero Island mentioned in Shakespeare's play «The Tempest».

Mystery of the origin of Socotra's name

The origin of Socotra's name is still wrapped in mystery. The Socotrans call their island Sacatri.

Chronology of Yemen

Short Chronology of Yemen


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