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Professional fishing tours to Socotra archipelago

Introducing our new partner - "Wild sea expedition" is a company that organize fishing trip on Socotra archipelago since 2010, they are the first to discover this place for sportfishing and explore it.

Socotra in the summer: Fishing from shore near the Hadibo

With some practice you can successfully fishing right from shore near Hadibo.

Weekend in Socotra

On weekends we usually go with an overnight stay in the bay Shuab where you can catch fish and cook an excellent fish dinner.

Faling Cape

This beautiful place has recently became available for visitors by a new road. Here you can have a good fishing and see dolphins very often. This beautiful beach can be reached by a boat from Erissel.

Fish Markets & Fishers

This year the fish market moved from the center of Hadiboh to its outskirts. Though sale of fish is now more civilized, fish cutting and preparation operations sometimes look appalling.

Beach in Shuab Bay

You can get to Shuab Bay by boat from Qalansiyah village. In an hour and a half you will appear in a marvelous place of Socotra far from civilization.

Fish on Socotra

Everybody knows that Socotra’s inshore waters are full of various fish species.

Freediving on Socotra

Underwater hunting on Socotra is strictly prohibited by law. But nobody has anything against free diving and spinning.


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