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Sandboarding on Socotra - new video

For all our guests we offer sandboarding - new attraction on Socotra. We have special boards and checked routes for safe skiing.

Sandboarding on Socotra

Sandboarding - is riding on a special board on the sand dunes. Socotra is a unique place, as if specially adapted for this unusual entertainment. We have included riding over the sand dunes in our travel programs.

Panoramas of Socotra - sand dunes in Stero

Stero sand dunes are never the same. The last group spent a night between the dunes and managed to make nice pictures at sunset and dawn.

Sand in Stero

If you come into the dunes at sunset or sunrise, you can make great pictures.

Dawn in Stero

Stero dunes are especially beautiful at down. To take their glorious views we left Aoumak camping long before the rising of the sun.

Sands of Noget South Coast

You can leave your car on the road and take a walk into the depth of sands. If you come here before a sunset, a soft evening lighting will make this place to look much more beautiful.

Noget sand land

On Socotra’ south coast, its central part called as Noget, there are places worth visiting.

Sand Dunes in Archer

This place is a popular camping site between two big dunes. It is the sand coast of a fresh-water stream flowing out of a cave.


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