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New trekking routes - the descent into the canyon Dixam

This season we have worked for some new hiking trails. One of them - on foot descent into the canyon Dixam.

On the further side of Dixam Plato

Our next company was Sheikh Noah Abu Amer who lives near the forest of Dragon’s Blood Trees.

Fairy-tale forest

After overnight stop in the canyon of Wadi Dirhur you can go for a walk through the primeval forest of Dragon Trees in the morning.

Dixam - Skant

The canyon part from Dixam to Skant is one of the most interesting places for trekking.

Wadi Dirhur Canyon

From Dixam Plateau we went down to Wadi Dirhur Canyon, where it is good to stay in tents overnight and to swim in natural pools before going on.

Dragon’s blood on Dixam Plateau

Dixam mountain plateau is located in the very center of Socotra. It is a habitat of Dragon Trees that have been famous since remote antiquity.

Dragon Tree in Dixam Plateau

Dixam Plateau is located in the central part of Socotra. It is famous for its Dragon Trees.


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