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Sand in Stero

If you come into the dunes at sunset or sunrise, you can make great pictures.

Samha Island

These are people living on Samha Island.

Rush Camping

One of the camping on Socotra, which is managed by the local community.


Qalansiya is the second largest settlement on the island. From here you can go to Shuab Bay by boat.

Qadama is a turtle beach

Here you can meet many turtles crawling onto beach at night between June and July.

Endless Net beaches

These beautiful beaches are accessible only by boat. It is not possible to get here by car.

Muri valley

Not far from the airport there is a nice beach which is especially beautiful at sunset.

Mumi Plateau

Mumi Plateau is far away from standard tourist routes, but you can find very beautiful and unusual places here.


It is a nice sandy beach not far from a fishing village in the south of the island.

Matiaf - a fishing village

It is a beautiful place where you can start a trekking route to explore Mumi Plateau .

Kalysan - the largest freshwater pool on the island

You can reach the largest freshwater pool of the island by walking for 2 hours from Matiaf village.

Ilha - an old Sultan's mosque

The village is located 5 kilometers from Hadiboh. Here is the old Sultan's mosque. This place is notable for wonderful views away from the tourist routes.

Faling Cape

This beautiful place has recently became available for visitors by a new road. Here you can have a good fishing and see dolphins very often. This beautiful beach can be reached by a boat from Erissel.

Ras Erissel - the eastern cape of Socotra

It is one of the best beaches on Socotra. If you come here at sunrise, you'll be rewarded by excellent photos.

Di Sebro

Di Sebro is one of the most remote and pristine places of Socotra. It is a habitat of myrrh trees and a place for gathering excellent honey.

Darsa island

Darsa is an uninhabited island located to the south-west of Socotra.

Over the mountain peaks to the south of Hadibo, the capital of Socotra

Probably everyone who looked at the mountains from Hadibo wanted to see what's out there, far away ...

Detwah Lagoon

New tourist signs installed on Socotra. Standard shot Laguna now looks like this.

The new tourist map of Socotra

The new tourist map of Socotra shows the most interesting places of the island

Di Hamri Marine Conservation Area

The desert Cape Di Hamri was one of the first Socotra’s places used for encamping.


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