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Cascade waterfalls on Socotra

Admin  [ 18.05.2009 ]
 My life on the island of Socotra  

Каскадные водопады на Сокотре

In the eastern part of the island, far from the paths beaten by tourists, you can find cascade waterfalls in small gorges.

One of such waterfalls is not far from the pass on the way to Mummi. After driving off the road for a few kilometers and walking for 15 minutes, you can encamp at the foot of a beautiful three-stage waterfall.

There is a small pool at each stage of the waterfall. You can swim in the uppermost. The depth of this fresh water-pool is more than 3 m, so it is good for diving. To reach it, go up the loose hillside to the left of the waterfall.


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